Calm & Aloof


by Elvis Bojangles



Lightning bolt

Cracks & poof

Suddenly I am calm & aloof


Oh wily spirit dame

You’ve smoldered my hat

Oh smiley spirit dame

How’d you learn to do that?


I don’t remember standing-up

Some how in suit n’ tails dressed-up

Holding in my hand a silver tray all shined-up

on which sits a coffee pot & cup


Oh smily spirit dame

In flannel shirt & jeans

Oh wily spirit dame

How’d you find the means?


“Serve me”

Condescendingly says you

Sitting at a table that is ridiculously



The colossal

Cathedral inside a humble tent

Smiles like God

At the tail-end of Lent


The hot coffee I calmly aloofly pour

Like I’ve done this some place else before

“We’re equals.  You may sit too.”

Magnanimously says you


& I better believe

It’s true

As one coffee cup

Turns into two